Wayfire is a wayland compositor based on wlroots. It aims to create a customizable, extendable and lightweight environment without sacrificing its appearance.

Wayfire 0.8.0 announcement

Hello everyone! It has been nearly three years since I last wrote to this blog. Fortunately, that does not mean Wayfire’s development has stopped! Quite the opposite, in fact I am happy to announce the release of Wayfire 0.8.0. There have been many changes and plugin API breakages since the Wayfire 0.7.x series, so I will try to summarize the important changes in the following paragraphs.

Wayfire 0.7.0 announcement

Hello everyone! Today is the day that Wayfire 0.7.0 was released. There have been quite a few exciting changes since the last time I wrote here. Check all the new features and (unfortunately) the few breaking changes below:

Writing Wayfire plugins (Part 2)

Hello everyone, this is the next blog in the series about writing Wayfire plugins. Again, I will be writing a custom plugin and explaining the steps along the way. This time however the focus will be on the rendering parts of Wayfire.

Wayfire 0.5.0 announcement

I am pleased to announce the release of Wayfire 0.5.0. There have been 247 commits since the last release. Here are some highlights:

Writing Wayfire plugins (Part 1)

If someone were to ask me what is the greatest aspect of Wayfire, then this would undoubtedly be its customizability and modularity. There are a ton of options you can tweak to your liking. However, options are rarely enough if you want to make your desktop truly your own. And this is why Wayfire uses a plugin architecture.

Wayfire 0.4.0 is here!

I am pleased to announce the next release of Wayfire. As usual, there has been a lot of work and many bug fixes. Here is a summary of the important changes.

Wayfire 0.3

It has been a relatively long time since the last time I have written in this blog. That doesn’t mean work on Wayfire has stopped! In fact, I’m happy to announce the release of Wayfire 0.3. There are quite a few improvements, which I’d like to share.

X11 -> WLC -> libweston -> wlroots: how the current Wayfire came to be

Wayfire is a project which has had 4 versions and has been rewritten 3 times. In this blog post I’ll try to outline why those rewrites were necessary.

Introduction to Wayfire

Hello all, I’ve recently been spending a lot of time developing Wayfire, so with the help of Drew DeVault (a huge thanks for setting up the blog) I decided to start telling more about it.